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Health Tips

Dangers Of Craving Too Much Sugar

honey or sugar
honey or sugar

Just about everyone craves sugar at some time in their life. Many of us substitute honey for sugar thinking we are doing good. Honey is sweet and is better to use in place of sugar but honey is not the answer as too much of it is almost as bad as too much sugar. The key to everything in life is moderation. 

Below are some health tips that may help you cut back on your sugar consumption. Just about all processed foods have sugar in it in one form or the other. Often the big words on the ingredient label is actually another term for the word sugar 

How to Cut Sugar Cravings?

The sugar craving is the one thing that can destroy a diet in minutes, and drive someone trying to stick to a new lifestyle to distraction. The desire for sugar, so strong it’s all you can think of, and visions of sugar plums, candy bars, and milk shakes really do dance in your head. There are a number of reasons you might have these thoughts so deeply playing in your mind it feels like a genuine need.

The Two Schools of Thought

Some believe that the desire for sugar is an ingrained desire for a reward. Often youngsters get a treat at some point in the day, and as adults, many people feel they haven’t had a break without anything sugary, emotionally satisfying and filling. The other theory is when the body is actually signaling it wants fruit, we confuse this mentally for a desire for sugar. Either way, the desire for sweets on a daily basis needs to end.

Eat Something Sweet

Fruit that contains nutrients and contains potassium, or fiber is filling and can help alleviate the feeling you haven’t had anything sweet. Bananas, oranges, and apples are good. So are slices of watermelon, melon, or pineapple.

Water and Feeling Full

Feeling cravings can also be a sign of dehydration. Ensure you have enough to drink throughout the day. You don’t have to drink an entire glass at a time to fill fuller. You do need at least 64 ounces a day. Spreading this out throughout the day will help to keep you feeling fuller and less in need of something to munch on. It’s important not to over do this plan since you can over hydrate and this has serious medical consequences.

Substitute Protein

It’s not what you want, but a boiled egg, or a piece of lean meat can help to make you feel fuller. If the craving is mental you might find this is less successful than eating a piece of fruit.

Avoid Triggers

You know the morning, afternoon, and evening triggers which assault you throughout the day. Just as those who quit smoking, learn to take on new activities at some points of the day those who crave sugar need to find substitutes for sugar. Taking a walk after dinner instead of having a cup of coffee and dessert is one plan. Avoiding the morning donuts can be accomplished by taking a different route to school or work. Making a plan to avoid triggers will help in keeping free of temptation.

Start with a couple of tips above and add more with time. There are some you can come up on your own and you will find more as you read more on the subject. It takes time to change habits that you have been doing for years but doing them little by little will make an impact over time.