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Health Tips

Obesity Linked to Disease: How to Avoid Risk


There’s more to being overweight than simply an issue with your appearance. Being overweight puts additional work on almost every organ of the body, and on all systems of the body. This is the reason those who become morbidly obese are seeing shorter life expediencies, and serious illnesses. Many people are starting weight loss programs with the hope of losing the weight they need to.

It's not to late to lose weight and get in shape. People in their 60's and 70's are losing weight and eating healthy and seeing their lifestyle improve. They are adding years on to their lifespan. Their quality of living is getting better and are happy in their older age. Below are some conditions that may improve over time if your change your diet and start exercising.

High Blood Pressure and Weight
When asked, most would say that the leading cause of death in the U.S. is diabetes, or possibly cancer. In fact, high blood pressure is the primary cause of death for Americans over the age of 25. Even more alarming is over 70 million people in the United States have high blood pressure, affecting their life and health to some degree. While it’s associated in the public’s mind with aging, this condition can develop early. The good news is that often losing as little as 8 pounds helps those at dangerously high levels see them drop.  

Diabetes and Weight
Obesity is a big factor of insulin resistance. Figures from around the globe show 90% of those with this condition have type 2 diabetes. Obesity is cited as the leading factor in this epidemic as this makes the cells more resistant to the effects of insulin. Losing up to 20 pounds will decrease this risk.

Back Pain and Disability
One of the leading causes of missed work, and disability is back pain. Those who suffer from this condition know the reality of being unable to perform routine tasks, and the helplessness of not being able to move about normally. Obesity will place additional weight on the spine as well as all the joints of the body. The chances of having a spinal injury or damage to the back increase with additional weight. In most cases losing 10 to 15 pounds will decrease the risk of developing serious problems.

Heart Disease and High Cholesterol
Being overweight is taxing on the heart. Those who are obese have a greater chance of having a heart attack. Those who obese as adolescents have a greater risk of having a heart attack before the age of 35. High cholesterol is among the leading causes of heart attacks

Exercise and Risk
Having some exercise for at least 30 minutes a day will drop your risk of almost all of the conditions mentioned with the exception of high cholesterol. Diet and exercise combined are the best methods of staying healthy.

Losing Weight
Finding ways to curb the appetite, and effectively losing weight rather than “yo-yo” dieting can help prevent this condition. 

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